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24/02/2016 - Live text and image processing at PRAXIS for Parasol Unit

PRAXIS is an innovative live poetry series that seeks to bring experimental, digital, sound and visual poetry to the Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, inviting artists to perform original works and to collaborate in response to exhibitions at Parasol. This new series of workshops and events are being curated by Simon Pomery and Lala Thorpe in association with the Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre.

As part of the night on the 3rd of March I will be live-processing images and texts from the readings and performances, then exhibiting them in the space. Find more information here


21/10/2015 - Asterion, After Borges Announced as part of the EVP Sessions

New performance work Asterion, After Borges will premiere at the EVP sessions at Shoreditch Town Hall on November 14th. Book tickets HERE.

Asterion is a live exploration of a virtual labyrinth, projected onto the walls of Shoreditch Town Hall’s basement. A combination of digital architecture, live readings and emergent soundscapes, the result is a multi-threaded exploration of the Minotaur myth.


19/04/2015 - TH_READ AVAILABLE

TH_READ forms two parallel narratives of worlds where speech and data represent the lone expressions of language. These two condensed novels lie side by side, to be read in pieces or as complete texts.

Placing the street speak and pure data of cyberpunk alongside the storytelling practices and numerical quipus of Inca culture, TH_READ unearths connections and structures that build a networked narrative of history and memory.