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Jump Over the Age is Gareth Damian Martin.

Gareth Damian Martin is a writer who has spent his career exploring
the meeting points of videogames and culture. He is a regular
contributor to Kill Screen, labelled by the New Yorker as "the
McSweeney's of interactive media." There he writes on the design and
experience of video games, connecting the dots between architecture,
literature and digital culture. In 2014 he also contributed to the
Barbican’s landmark exhibition, Digital Revolution as both a writer
and video designer, described by Wired as “fascinating, engaging, and
refreshingly new.”

Previously Gareth led the editorial department of Ginx, a global TV
channel covering videogames and technology. There he wrote for
multiple shows, including The Blurb, which in 2013 was nominated for a
Games Media Award alongside the likes of Yogscast. His coverage of
video games and gaming culture has led him around the world, from
covering e-sports and cosplay in Indonesia, to fighting through the
crowds at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. He is focussed on finding
the human and artistic connections in present videogames, and charting
their progression from niche entertainment to cultural force.

Gareth also works across interactive media and fiction, and is
currently working with the award-winning 59 Productions on an
unannounced Oculus Rift project, as well as writing and performing
texts generated with computer algorithms. Informed by a history of
projects for clients such as Lego and the Victoria and Albert Museum,
he draws from a wide range of skills to produce work which explores
the new possibilities of digital native culture.